PRISM Stock IndexesCurrent Value% Change (Daily)% Change (Inception)Most ActiveTop % GainersTop % Losers
Blockchain & Crypto$268.500.5%168.5%MARA 28,800BRPHF 10.22%RKFL -20.39%
Clean Energy$125.90-1.9%25.9%PLUG 39,631CETY 12.9%TPIC -6.32%
Gaming & E-Sports$163.80-2.2%63.8%SLGG 10,107EVRI 0.9%SLGG -6.59%
Gene Therapy$119.70-2.3%19.7%ABEO 4,129FBIO 11.48%MBIO -8.33%
MedCannabis$221.001.1%121.0%SNDL 511,238GNLN 8.44%AMMJ -5.87%
MedDevices$182.70-0.4%82.7%BIOL 30,515EKSO 9.4%ADMP -6.62%
MedDiagnostics$258.600.7%158.6%TTOO 12,777CELC 50.94%CEMI -7.26%
New Economy$500.70-0.1%400.7%GME 44,943OSTK 9%GME -6.99%
Pet Care & AgriBiz$220.70-1.2%120.7%JAGX 18,503HSKA 2.32%PETZ -6.57%
Vaccines & Cell Therapy$395.70-1.5%295.7%SRNE 16,732BVXV 2.22%ATHX -6.81%

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testifies before the Senate Banking Committee hearing on “The Quarterly CARES Act Report to Congress” on Capitol Hill in Washington,…
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