PRISM Stock IndexesCurrent Value% Change (Daily)% Change (Inception)Most ActiveTop % GainersTop % Losers
Blockchain & Crypto$187.001.4%87.0%RIOT 26,882BBKCF 30.78%CWRK -7.58%
Clean Energy$87.50-0.3%-12.5%PLUG 36,002SENR 9.59%CETY -4.2%
Gaming & E-Sports$133.700.2%33.7%YVR 11,009EPGG 18.75%WBAI -10.01%
Gene Therapy$106.40-0.4%6.4%ABEO 3,099ONCS 2.99%NTLA -3.24%
MedCannabis$185.800.6%85.8%SNDL 280,347SNDL 7.77%CBDS -6.38%
MedDevices$173.60-0.5%73.6%BIOL 8,049OBLN 18.8%PLSE -5.69%
MedDiagnostics$227.40-0.4%127.4%OPGN 9,890BMRA 14.37%NDRA -4.63%
New Economy$397.50-0.8%297.5%PLUG 36,002STKL 3.3%NPTN -3.83%
Pet Care & AgriBiz$183.60-1.3%83.6%FAMI 20,688PETZ 1.49%CVET -4.46%
Vaccines & Cell Therapy$352.20-0.5%252.2%VXRT 17,229APOP 7.51%PDSB -3%

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