PRISM Stock IndexesCurrent Value% Change (Daily)% Change (Inception)Most ActiveTop % GainersTop % Losers
Blockchain & Crypto$153.702.3%53.7%RIOT 13,459BTBT 30.7%RKFL -12.17%
Clean Energy$81.60-2.5%-18.4%PLUG 29,266HTOO 1.75%SPWR -9.05%
Gaming & E-Sports$123.802.2%23.8%YVR 4,598EPGG 66.39%EVRI -8.01%
Gene Therapy$121.00-0.2%21.0%ADVM 2,517EDIT 9.36%SLDB -5.3%
MedCannabis$174.50-2.9%74.5%SNDL 175,013ARTL 2.11%PBIO -9.45%
MedDevices$251.50-0.2%151.5%ADMP 9,083CERS 20.66%APT -16.46%
MedDiagnostics$237.40-0.2%137.4%CEMI 10,759TTOO 14.15%AXDX -8.7%
New Economy$392.50-1.6%292.5%PLUG 29,266NPTN 8.54%APRN -12.64%
Pet Care & AgriBiz$189.70-2.3%89.7%FAMI 24,648PETZ 1.86%FAMI -10.51%
Vaccines & Cell Therapy$458.20-1.2%358.2%VXRT 11,567NVAX 18.69%ARCT -23.16%

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