PRISM Stock IndexesCurrent Value% Change (Daily)% Change (Inception)Most ActiveTop % GainersTop % Losers
Blockchain & Crypto$161.00-1%61.0%RIOT 19,687BIDCF 3.05%BLFDF -11.74%
Clean Energy$100.901.6%0.9%PLUG 34,219PLUG 13.97%FLUX -5.43%
Gaming & E-Sports$142.90-1.4%42.9%YVR 8,185ELYS 6.47%GMGI -9.84%
Gene Therapy$115.00-1.3%15.0%ADVM 2,809TBIO 10.25%QURE -7.03%
MedCannabis$188.500.1%88.5%SNDL 221,825PBIO 16.11%CCHWF -4.96%
MedDevices$251.900.5%151.9%ADMP 8,135EDAP 6.74%OBLN -5.86%
MedDiagnostics$250.700.2%150.7%CEMI 5,045BIOC 5.48%CELC -5.81%
New Economy$467.301.6%367.3%PLUG 34,219BLBX 23.6%HIMX -5.56%
Pet Care & AgriBiz$200.001%100.0%FAMI 33,687RKDA 5.9%HSKA -2.23%
Vaccines & Cell Therapy$445.000.5%345.0%VXRT 18,304TBIO 10.25%DYAI -8.78%

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The Next Right Play is Blockchain, not Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining has been declared public enemy number one by environmental lobbyists. It’s been abandoned by Elon Musk for excessive fossil fuel consumption. Senator Elizabeth Warren has openly called for government intervention. The ride is over, folks. Cryptocurrencies aren’t going…

Have you “Watered” your Investment Portfolio?

Nothing grows without water. That’s true for humans, animals, plant-life, and possibly your investment portfolio in 2021. “Watering” might be the catalyst to secure double-digit returns this year. Have you looked at the numbers for water stocks recently? Of course,…

Soligenix Payday, Delayed, Unlikely to be Denied

Breakthrough cancer drug on track for its own recovery   Takeaways Biopharma Soligenix HyBryte™ therapeutic was in late stages when the Covid-19 pandemic caused manufacturing disruptions Simultaneously, the company pushed back its regulatory new drug application (NDA) submission process, following…

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Interest rates need to go up. The Fed doesn’t have a choice. Jerome Powell says that…

Tax-Deferred Investments to Protect Capital Gains

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Market Democratization Will Suffer with the Biden Tax Plan

According to the Tax Policy Center, “High marginal taxes can discourage work, saving, investment, and innovation.…

Turkish Crypto Ban Sparks Regulatory Conversation about Bitcoin

The unstoppable force known as Bitcoin seems to have finally crashed into an immovable object, at…