Who is Jen Psaki?

Making her introduction to the world with a rare Inauguration Day appearance, new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki (SOCK-eee) vowed to “share the truth, even when it’s hard to hear.” After serving in communications roles for Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., the Connecticut native was President Obama’s traveling press secretary during…
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Are You Getting Paid for the Risks You’re Taking?

Even when most stocks are rising, some do better than others, and some are riskier than others. Make sure you earn what you deserve for the risk you take. Our economy is based on the idea that investors get compensated for taking risks. That’s the idea that funnels capital from investors with a high- risk…
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Gene Therapy Shows Promise But Still Has A Ways to Go

Gene therapy has the potential to be a game-changing therapeutics to correct genetic “errors” that can cause rare diseases and illnesses. By replacing a mutated gene causing the disease with a healthy copy, doctors can treat certain patients without the use of surgery or pharmaceuticals. In a sense, gene therapy combines therapeutics and engineering to…
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If the Future is Female, Women Need to Invest in It Now

In 2020, the gender pay gap found that women earned 81 cents for every dollar a man made, according to PayScale, and the year was particularly rough on women in the workforce as they left in droves to manage family matters during the global pandemic. The gender gap in investing is even more alarming; women…
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Earnings Season begins with Covid Numbers Still Rising

The Oxford primary definition of the word “conundrum” is “a confusing and difficult problem or question.” Most of us are familiar with this. Less popular is the secondary definition, “A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer. A riddle.” Riddle me this. How can fourth quarter earnings reports tell us…
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How the Pandemic Changed How We Invest

The coronavirus pandemic transformed nearly every part of our lives in 2020, from social interactions to work, travel, education and politics. We watched as schools and churches shut down, major cultural and sporting events were cancelled, and travel was reduced to moving from room to room in our own homes, which, for 42 per cent…
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3 Micro-cap E-Commerce Stocks For 2021

E-commerce has been a high-growth industry for several years, but the pandemic has helped advance digital commerce years into the future. As consumers adapt to the lockdowns and the “new normal,” online shopping has taken the reigns as a greater number of people relied on non-contact shopping solutions. Although COVID-19 vaccine distribution is underway across…
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Will SEC Suit over XRP affect Crypto Investments in 2021?

Trust and uncertainty are opposite sides of the same coin. Each of them is a market mover. With cryptocurrency, the trust factor has been hard-earned over several years of uncertainty, culminating in a boom year in 2020 for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. On January 19th, Coinbase will suspend all trading of XRP, a cryptocurrency offered…
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3 Smallcaps to Upgrade U.S. Capitol Security

On January 6, 2021, the world watched as the unthinkable happened: an angry mob mobilized and stormed the United States Capitol. For historical context, the last time the Capitol was taken by force was by the British during the War of 1812. Many questions remain from January 6th and it will likely take some time…
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How Will You Spend Your Next Stimulus Check?

Although they are less than the $2,000 many were hoping for, the current round of stimulus checks still offer a $600 jolt to help recipients pay for the basics—or to invest in the future. Designed to help individuals and families weather pandemic-related financial challenges, checks are rolling out for eligible taxpayers to use as they…
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Investors Prism 2020: A Year in Review

As the calendar turns to 2021, Investors Prism looks back at its first year. In January 2020, Investors Prism officially launched its seven initial indices focused on the micro-cap and small-cap equity markets. After twelve months, all seven indices have continued to post positive returns, including returns greater than 100% for three of the indices….
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Top 3 Outperformers of the PRISM Emerging Vaccines & Cell Therapy Index

The coronavirus pandemic has made vaccines a major theme for 2020. As the virus began to spread throughout the globe in early 2020, the scientific community scrambled to begin working on a viable vaccine to combat the pathogen. In less than a year, two COVID-19 vaccines have already been approved by the U.S. FDA for…
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